Institutional Abuse Claims.

Bourke Love are here to support victims of institutional abuse to make the claims they deserve.

Have you been a victim of institutional violence?

The scale of institutional abuse has recently been brought to light through public investigations. Sufferers of physical and psychological abuse, which often occurred when they were young, have gained new rights to make claims against the relevant institutions.

With recent amendments to the Law, such claims are now entirely possible and available to any victim of institutional abuse. If you’ve been a victim of institutional violence the experienced lawyers at Bourke Love are here to support your claim.

Making a claim for institutional abuse compensation

Bourke Love can assist and support you in investigating your claim against an institution where you suffered institutional abuse.

We understand claims such as these can be emotionally difficult for the claimant and their families. That’s why we focus on providing a caring and sympathetic approach to assisting institutional violence claims. This is underpinned by our expertise and professionalism, high success rate and strict policy of client confidentiality.

If these amendments mean you can now make a claim,
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