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Ballina Compensation Law Services

Ballina Motor vehicle accident claims

Ballina motor vehicle accident laimsIf you have suffered an injury in a car accident that due to or partially caused by someone else, you could be eligible to make a Compulsory Third Party claim for compensation in New South Wales. Learn more here.

Worker’s Compensation claims Ballina

workers-compensation-claims-surfers-paradise-gold-coast-australiaIf you’re injured while at work, suffer a work-related or a repetitive strain injury, or have a pre-existing injury or illness made worse by your work duties, you may be entitled to make a worker’s compensation or WorkCover claim.

Ballina Public Liability claims

public liability insurance BallinaIf you have been injured in a public place, like a shopping centre, playground, sports field, footpath or carpark, and your injury is due to someone else’s negligence, you may be eligible to bring a claim against that person or organisation’s public liability insurer.

Professional Negligence Ballina

professional liability insurance BallinaIf you feel that you have been given the wrong advice, received a poor outcome or even feel as though it is taking too long to get a straight answer from a professional person, Bourke Love is prepared to view your concern and also advise you as to whether you may have a claim against that professional.

Ballina Product Liability

product-liability-last_origIf you have suffered an injury as a result of a product failing or malfunctioning, you may be entitled to bring a claim against the manufacturer of that product if it is made in Australia.

Ballina Personal Injury Law Services

Personal Injury Lawyers, Ballina

personal injury lawyers BallinaOur Personal Injury Lawyers have over 25 years experience in compensation law. Also, we have experience personal injury law in Australia. See here for more about our Ballina personal injury specialists.

Other Services

Superannuation and Disability in Ballina, Australia

superannuation claims BallinaUnable to work due to serious injury or illness?

You may be able to make a Personal Disability insurance claim. This claim is in addition to any right you may have to make other claims – such as worker’s compensation or CTP claims. See here for more.


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