No Win No Pay .

At Bourke Love we strongly believe that anyone that has been unfairly injured at work or in an accident should have access to legal representation. That’s why we have a No Win, No Pay arrangement.

What does No Win No Pay mean?

Every client that phones, emails or comes into our office receives their first consultation for free. If you don’t have a case, or decide not to proceed further once we have assessed your situation, we won’t charge you.

You don’t start incurring any legal costs until you agree to proceed. If you win, you don’t pay any of these costs until the end of your case. If you lose, you won’t have to pay anything. The only costs that you may have to pay could be the defendant’s legal costs. However, in many cases even if you lose, you don’t have to pay these costs.

We offer you a risk free service to get you going again.

No Win No Pay doesn’t apply to any NSW workers compensation case. However, getting specialised and customised advice on your workers compensation claim is both confidential and free. You won’t have to pay any legal costs, whatever the result.

If you’re making a workers compensation claim, we’ll make a confidential application to Workers Compensation Independent Review Office (WiRO). If WiRO accepts that you have a case, they’ll pay all the legal costs of investigating your claim, including payment for any medical report fees.

If WiRO agrees to fund the case, they’ll pay all your legal costs and disbursements, even if you don’t succeed.