What is life insurance?

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by Pania Watt                   Life insurance is a policy of insurance intended to protect you, and your family, from suffering financial difficulty after a certain event – for example, if you get sick, suffer an injury, or pass away.   Types of Life Insurance 1. Total and

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PSA: Check your superannuation before 1 July

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When did you last check your super? Many, if not most, people hold life insurance, or total and permanent disability insurance, through a superannuation fund, and don’t know it – until becoming unable to work due to injury or illness. On 1 July 2019, major changes will be made to superannuation which could have a serious

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Total and Permanent Disability Claims – Beware!

Total and Permanent Disability Claims

Total and Permanent Disability Claims – Beware! Beware of non-legally trained organisations offering help with your Income Protection or TPD claim. Recently, our firm has become aware of organisations offering assistance to people suffering an injury or illness and seeking to claim on a policy of insurance they hold for Income Protection, Total and Permanent

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TPD Claims


TPD Claims – As at 30 June 2018, a data overview conducted by the ATO reported that over 15 million Australians have a super fund account, and approximately 39% of those people have more than one super account. While there are certainly benefits to consolidating your super fund accounts (paying fewer fees and having less paperwork to

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